Home Pressure Washing Tips.

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Home Pressure Washing Tips.
Today you’re going to learn how to pressure wash your home the right way. We will look at the required equipment and I will go over some preemptive safety measures.

The Washer.

Choosing the right pressure washer, attachments and detergents will help you clean your house in one day. Let’s look at what you need before starting. So, as far as the actual machine, you wanna go with a gas powered pressure washer. Gas washers are much more powerful than electric ones. They also last longer and are harder to damage. Electric washers are alright if you really wanna use one, but the flow rate on these are so low on these that your job will take you 2-3 times longer than if you were using a gas powered pressure washer.


Use a pressure washer with at least 2.3 gpm(flow rate). All machines with a 2.3 gpm have a psi of around 2,600. Again, when choosing a machine look at the gpm, psi is irrelevant because that comes down to what nozzle you choose to use.

Should I Rent a Pressure Washer Or Buy One?

In my opinion this one is a no-brainer. You can buy a brand new pressure washer for around $300 pretty much anywhere. They’re useful and last for a very long time if you take care of them. Renting on the other hand is foolish. You’ll be paying around $100 per day! Renting is also a hassle. You gotta pick up the freakin thing from wherever you’re renting from, do the work, then bring it back while you’re already drained from your pressure washing job. Just save up and buy one. You’ll thank me later.

What About Detergent?

Don’t let anybody tell you that you don’t need detergent, Seriously. It simply makes the job way easier. If you don’t use detergent, you will need to use much more water force to remove whatever yuck you need gone from your house. This exponentially increases the risk of damage to the exterior of your home. Make sure to purchase detergent specific for the surface you will be cleaning – whether it be, wood, brick, vinyl etc. Also make sure to use environmentally friendly products.

What attachments should I use?

There are 2 attachments that I would recommend. The first one being a brush attachment. It won’t enhance the performance of your machine, obviously, but it is a handy tool that you can use to brush grime away in hard to reach areas. You can also use it for your trash bin and other nifty little things. These are also inexpensive. You can pick one up for around $35. The second attachment, this one’s more important than the brush, is a extension wand. This extends the reach of your pressure washer and makes it easier and safer for you to reach grime and dirt on your second story.

Pressure Washing Your home – Pre Planning & Safety Tips.

Plan properly so you don’t damage your house. Or even worse, damage your knee cap when you slip and fall. Please fellas, and ladies, use eye protection. The next thing, try to avoid ladders because the push back from the extension wand can cause you to tip backwards if you are not strong enough to keep it stable. Also use common sense and clear your area. This is  another simple step you can take. All you have to do is clear the area of toys, bikes etc so that you don’t accidently trip over them, simple enough.

Happy Cleaning Everyone!

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