Things To Consider When Buying a Pressure Washer

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Things To Consider When Buying a Pressure Washer

What Should You Know?

Let’s be honest , a lot of the times actually, your garden hose simply will not be enough to to get rid of the filthy muck that collects on the side of your home, roof, and sidewalk. When the hose fails, that’s when you bring in the big boys. Yes, i’m talking about a pressure washer.Pressure washers are about 75 percent more powerful than your everyday garden hose. This will obviously speed up any cleaning task you choose to embark on. As I have stated before. It makes more sense to buy one then rent one. But before you do, keep these questions in mind.


  • What do I want to clean and how often will I use a pressure washer?


  • What size pressure washer is best for me and my needs?


  • Gas vs. electric models?


  • Cold water or hot water pressure washer?

What And When Can I Clean?

I am sure you’ve already figured out that you can use them to wash your house. A lot of people don’t realize that you can use these to clean a variety of things. The pressure washer’s application has very few limits! You can tackle your roof, car, grill, mailboxes, and even your children(just kidding). The point I am trying to make is, the sky’s the limit when it comes to your pressure washing. Depending on what kind you choose to use. However, if you can’t take the hassle of pressure cleaning your house  or your drive way, its always best to call the professionals.   Trying to pressure clean your own roof could be dangerous.

What Size?

If your main use is gonna be washing your car, deck, a small patio, or any outside furniture a little guy smnaller unit may do just fine. Keep in mind though, usually the heavier duty a pressure washer is the longer it will last. If you are going to be using your machine more frequently and also tackling larger jobs such as a large deck or residential exteriors, a midsized pressure washer will be perfect. How there is a art in getting your house or deck back in top shape. The professinals are trained to handle the most difficult, stuborn stains.

Electric Vs Gas?

A lot of buyers choose electric motors because of their lower price  and less frequent maintenance needs. But gas models are way more powerful, i’m talking like twice as strong powerful. Electric pressure washers push about 1000-2000 PSI and are great for small jobs around the house. They are safer, quieter, and much more compact than gas models.

Cold Water Or Hot Water?

Temperature matters when it comes to cleaning. Both hot and cold pressure washers are effective, but we recommend that you review your specific cleaning needs before selecting one.
If your goal is simply to remove dirt and mud from outdoor areas, a cold power washer will do just fine. Also keep in mind that you can choose from more accessories (brushes, hoses, wands and nozzles) that fit cold water models.However, if you need to clean things like grease and oil, only a hot water pressure washer will work for jobs like this. Hot water pressure washers also save time. If you plan to use your pressure washer more than a couple of hours per week, it makes more sense to invest in a hot water model. But  if you are not comfortable with going through the hassle of trying to purchase a power wash to do it yourself; that were we come in. Coral Springs Pressure Cleaning is always just a phone call away.


We would be happy to provide you with a free estimate. We’ll do it for you at an affordable price. Coral Springs Pressure Cleaning – Call us today at 954-603-1215 for a FREE Quote.

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